GLRA India
German Leprosy & TB Relief Association (GLRA) – India

GLRA India was established in 1966 with a vision “A world in which no one suffers from Leprosy, TB & other poverty related diseases and their consequences such as physical disability and social exclusion”. GLRA promoting; Leprosy, TB, Disability and Humanitarian Assistance through our partner NGOs and direct projects GLRA is one of the pioneer organizations in social rehabilitation and over the last 5 decades, a total of 275,000 leprosy affected people and their families are socially rehabilitated by the organizational “mantra” transforming lives and restoring confidence.

Currently, GLRA India has been implementing 4 thematic projects in 80 districts in 15 Indian states. We work directly as well as in collaboration with local partners to facilitate a catalytic change in the lives of millions. The states are Andhra Pradesh (2), Bihar (1), Chhattisgarh (1), Delhi (4), Gujarat (33), Jharkhand (1), Kerala (3), Madhya Pradesh (1), Maharashtra (2), Rajasthan (1), Sikkim (4), Tamil Nadu (6), Telangana (2), Uttar Pradesh (3), West Bengal (17).

GLRA supports 10 leprosy referral hospitals in 8 states with 485 beds including 5 RCS facilities. The services range from leprosy diagnosis, treatment, management of reaction/ulcer, re-constructive surgeries, provision of aids & appliances and specialized footwears. GLRA also providing technical support to NLEP through our NLEP Consultants and supervisors in two states (Gujarat & West Bengal). Social Inclusion is GLRA’s cross-cutting theme that the affected people are empowered to increase their participation in the community, facilitating formation of their groups, addressing right based issues and advocating for a social change. Our referral hospitals are;

GLRA’s overall budget for Leprosy care services is 25 million (2.5 Cr) a year as program cost besides significant contribution for the social rehabilitation for the most in need. GLRA India recognizes that bringing lasting change in the quality of life of people by influencing government policies, multi-sectoral cooperation, strong networking and cross-organizational referral and information sharing.
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